OverVision is a compact 3D graphics engine built for fast prototyping and pedagogical applications in the domain of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality.
OverVision reduces development times and simplifies deployment by offering all its functions through one single library and one unified API.

  OverVision is a modern 3D graphics engine featuring:
  • Minimalistic object-oriented API written in C++
  • Support of recent hardware via OpenGL 4.5 and Almost Zero Drive Overhead (AZDO) functions
  • Multi-pipeline (forward, deferred and OIT rendering)
  • Cross-platform (Windows, Linux)
  • Dynamic scene graph management
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Dynamic soft shadows
  • Physics and collision detection (via Bullet)
  • Physically-Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Post-processing (AA, HDR, bloom lighting)
  • Skinning and animations
  • Particle emitters
  • Loading of scenes directly exported from 3D Studio MAX and Blender through custom plugins
  • Support for arbitrary multiscreen projections
  • Support for VR via OpenVR

OverVision is currently used for personal projects and educational/research activities at SUPSI.