Villa d'Orbe 3D (2003)

The Villa d'Orbe is a multi-disciplinary project among archeology, IT sciences and 3D graphics which allows users to virtually walk into a 3D reconstruction of an ancient Roman building close to the village of Orbe, canton Vaud, Switzerland.
Some of the techniques usually used in videogames are applied to a different context: virtual reality for cultural heritage projects running on commodity hardware.

The Villa d'Orbe project uses our in-house developed 3D engine for the visualization, animation and walkthrough of the virtual model. Screenshots on the left are captured during a realtime interactive fly-by of the building: realtime dynamic shadows and per-pixel lighting are some of the features our engine provides.

This work is done in cooperation with the IASA departement (Institut d'Archéologie et Sciences de l'Antiquité) of the University of Lausanne and the designers of the Sapristi studios.