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Overseer is a set of tools simplifying access to real-time measurement of low-level information such as Hardware Performance Counters (HPCs), IPMI sensors, and Java VM internal events. Overseer supports functionalities like HPC-management, process/thread affinity settings, RDTSC timers, child-processes tracing, power-consumption and temperature monitoring, etc. Both the C/C++ and Java languages are supported.

Unlike existing solutions, our approach aims at compactness and easiness, hiding dependencies and complexity required to access such low-level mechanisms. Based on the newest libpfm4 release and Linux kernels (2.6.31+), Overseer does not require specific patches or additional modules, thus offering a better solution for distributed and dynamic configurations not demanding administrator modifications to the underlying system.
The present release has been tested on Ubuntu Linux 64 bit 10.04+ and RHEL PPC 5+ distributions. Refer to the INSTALL file within the library distribution for information about its setup.
Overseer has been developed in the context of the SOSOA project.