The mission of the 3D Mental Vision (MVisio) project is to offer a pedagogical set of IT-utilities to clarify and simplify learning and practice of Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality. We have developed a learning platform to improve teaching and practice of Computer Graphics for beginners and advanced students. Our goal is to offer a set of tools to help students having a better mental vision of the abstract notions introduced during the course. Our platform is composed by a pedagogical-oriented, intuitive and user-friendly graphics engine, offering a powerful amount of features with an extremely easy and comfortable interface, and a set of interactive and collaborative applications to use during classes and practical works to present complex concepts in an easy and clear way. Concretely, this project consist of:
  • a set of compact applications (modules) allowing both students and teachers to navigate and experience 2D/3D CG notions in a user-friendly, interactive and intuitive environment.

  • a 2D/3D application development kit (MVisio SDK), consisting in a small, easy-to-use and pedagogical-oriented graphic engine. This SDK will be used during practical work sessions and student projects to allow users to directly deepen in the 3D without having to care about corollary (and time wasting) aspects like window management, rendering context initialization or low-level hardware acceleration interfacing.

  MVisio is a modern 2D/3D graphics engine featuring:
  • Extremely user-friendly API, based on an C++ class-oriented architecture
  • Multi-device rendering on PC, PDA and CAVE (your same sourcecode works everywhere!)
  • Multi-platform (Windows, Linux)
  • Full OpenGL and OpenGL|ES support
  • Dynamic scene graph management
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Dynamic soft shadows
  • HDR and bloom lighting
  • Depth of field
  • Vertex and pixel shaders
  • Skinning and animations
  • Particle emitters
  • Terrain engine
  • Video2texture from MPEG1/2 files
  • Loading of scenes directly exported from 3D Studio MAX through a specific plugin
  • 2D GUI system with event handling
  • Loading of complex 2D interfaces from XML files
  • Object picking
  • Support for Head-Mounted Displays (HMD), even on PDA
  • New customizable objects directly pluggable in the MVisio core