Live jam-session in Riva San Vitale (CH)

Nicole Maffeis, Daisy Bertoli, Lukas Fröhlich,
Fabio Larocca, Davide Ortelli, Andrea Patocchi,
Davide Perucconi, Achille Peternier, Fabiano Rizzi,
Marco Valsangiacomo

Minimal Studio (C) 2003

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      1) Please: hurt me! (3.8 MB)
      2) Muzik from another spice-time (9 MB)
      3) We are all made of sterk (7.6 MB)
      4) Faery tales (3.8 MB)
      5) Spacesidra for the Emperor of Jebeh (7.4 MB)
      6) Musiqa erotika (3.9 MB)
      7) Voices in the knights (2.1 MB)
      8) The anisotrophic man (3.9 MB)
      9) Korososò korà (8.3 MB)